private label

Create your own brand with us.

Your brand - freezco's implementation

We will create a product according to your expectations.

Explore a wide range of customizations tailored to the specific requirements of your brand

Choose from dozens of options relating to the type of fish, portioning and packaging. Choose and customize:

  • the type of fish: salmon, salmon trout, cod, halibut, mackerel, etc.
  • the type of product: fillets, portions, smoked slices or portions, marinades
  • storage: fresh/frozen/canned
  • expectations regarding certain formal requirements and certificates: BIO, MSC, ASC, Global GAP, Kosher
  • packaging: provide guidelines or, if you do not have an idea for your new packaging, we will design it for you

Get the finished product delivered to any place in the world!

We have extensive experience in fish processing and are eager to share our knowledge. In case of any doubts, we will advise you on what type of product will be the best and can become a sales hit.