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Full monitoring of each element in order to guarantee products of the highest quality.

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Learning your needs and requirements

When deciding to customize your product, first of all we find out about your expectations and requirements in terms of the form and specifications to be met.

Choose from dozens of options, such as:
type of fish or seafood
type of product: fresh/frozen, natural/smoked
type of filleting: portions/fillets/slices
type of packaging
type of formal requirements: veterinary and quality that must be met by any type of ordered products

Selecting the raw material

When cooperating with Freezco, you can be sure that the raw material used by us comes from the best suppliers. At your request, we can deliver products with the following certification: GLOBALG.A.P, MSC, ASC, BIO.

We select the right type of fish for particular products, so that the final product meets the requirements of our customers.

Production process

To make a given product, we choose the most specialized manufacturer. However, to ensure continuity of supply, we have at least two manufacturers for every specialization.

We supervise every stage of production to ensure a product that meets all our expectations.

We conduct comprehensive laboratory testing for each batch of products to make sure that they are in compliance with all applicable standards.

Product delivery

We provide proven and timely land and maritime transport, ensuring the continuity of the cold chain

Our experience in the operation on international markets allow us to deliver products to countries on all continents, guaranteeing they meet all local requirements.

Supplier of fish and seafood on the international market.

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00-008 Warszawa, Poland
phone: +48 22 275 97 97
e-mail: office@freezco.eu

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