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Freezco is a company with extensive experience in the fish processing industry. We offer the highest quality fresh and frozen salmon, from fillets and portions, to smoked and canned products. Our range also includes rainbow trout, cod, halibut, and mackerel products. Our goal is to meet all our customers’ requirements via appropriately tailored contractual conditions.

With Freezco, you can be sure of the highest quality at every stage of cooperation

fish suppliers

The raw material is purchased directly from the best fish suppliers. Our long-standing and close relationships with farms and fishermen gives us natural advantage when choosing the fish for our products.

We have all the necessary quality certification

In order to meet all our customers’ requirements, we – along with our partners – are regularly audited so that we can offer products with the following certification: Global GAP, MSC, ASC, BIO, HACCP and kosher.

Our products meet the specific standards of international markets

Our company has an international reach and our products can be found in more than 25 countries around the world, such as: France, Germany, Italy or Israel. Each market is characterized by specific requirements, and we try to adapt our products to each of them.

Our products are made
in the best processing

We work with the best processing plants handling smoked, fresh, frozen, and canned products. We select the right manufacturer for each type of product. We cooperate with facilities in Poland, Norway and the Baltic countries.

High level of control
at every stage
of production

We achieve the best quality of our products not only through the selection of the best producers, but also thanks to full control of the production process. Our team regularly checks the production to make sure that our products meet the highest standards.

We deliver our products to any location worldwide

Due to the fact that Poland is the largest salmon processor and up to 80% of products made here are sold on the international market, at the time of establishing Freezco we wanted to make full use of the production potential of our country.

Currently, we deliver our products to more than 25 countries around the world and we constantly seek to open up new markets.

The goal of our company is to build long-lasting and strong relationships with our customers

Our partners include chain stores as well as local distributors. The goal of our company is to build long-lasting and strong relationships with our customers. Therefore, our aim is to have one partner in a given market to handle the distribution of a given product group (fresh/frozen, natural/smoked).

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